Lighting & Audio

illuminate and harmonize

Landscape Lighting

Our lighting team designs arrangements that complement your unique landscape features—from accents that bring landscapes to life to lighting paths and walkways. Enjoy your outdoor spaces year-round with high-performance lighting that can withstand any weather. Create ambiance, add security, and extend your time outside with stunning illumination.

We Offer:

  • Landscape lighting design services
  • Home demos of outdoor lighting
  • Custom installation
  • Year-round lighting support services


Bollard-style speaker set in garden greenery


We help bring the enjoyment of beautiful sound to outdoor living spaces. Our experts create a custom outdoor audio experience with high-quality, weather-proof speakers designed to stand-alone or integrate into your existing home audio.

We Offer:

  • Outdoor audio design services
  • Home demos of outdoor audio
  • Custom installation
  • Integration into existing home-audio systems
  • Year-round sound support services
Church Hill Landscapes September 6, 2023