Greener Lawncare

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Greener Lawncare

Go greener in your own backyard by swapping from gas-powered mowing to solar-powered lawn care.

Electric mowers are quieter and more environmentally friendly than gas-powered mowers—but just as efficient. We offer competitive pricing for private and commercial customers looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

We offer:

  • Electric mowing
  • Solar-powered leaf blowing
  • Solar-powered string trimming
  • Solar-powered trailer for on-the-go recharging

Benefits of electric mowing:

  • It’s quiet. Electric mowers are more than four times quieter than gas mowers.
  • It’s greener than gas. Gas-powered lawn care is notoriously bad for the environment. In one hour, just one gas-powered string trimmer can produce as many emissions as 39 cars traveling at 60 mph.
  • It’s powered by the sun. Our commercial-grade string trimmers and leaf-blowers are powered by the solar panels on our Church Hill Landscapes trailer. Our electric mowers recharge their batteries each night. All of our equipment arrives fully charged and ready for a full day of work.
  • It’s efficient. We use commercial-grade machines that are designed to run all day without needing a recharge. And since there’s no gas tank to refill, there are no toxic liquids—or fumes—left behind.
  • It’s LEED points-eligible. Using electric mowers for your business makes you eligible to earn one certified LEED point—just by changing from gas to electric.
  • It’s affordable. Electric mowers are just as effective as gas-powered equipment, but cost the environment far less. Church Hill Landscapes offers competitive pricing packages for private and commercial customers.
Church Hill Landscapes April 25, 2017