how we work

Church Hill Landscapes can help you live a better life outdoors.
it’s worth taking the time to get it right.

The right outdoor space is more than just a rock wall or a stone walkway from your garage to your house. It’s a private getaway. A place to retreat to. A welcoming space for friends and family to gather on a warm summer evening.

Some landscaping projects solve a practical problem, such as water runoff, erosion issues, or accessibility. Others are inspired purely by aesthetics. Our landscape designers can help you achieve both function and beauty to create an environment you’ll look forward to retreating to.

Our process

Most people have some idea of what they want their outdoor project to look like. But it’s often harder for a client to judge what a project will cost. We get it; it’s hard to put a price tag on a landscape. And it’s even harder to know what to expect during the process. Here’s how a typical project works at Church Hill Landscapes.

Initial Consultation

Get started by filling out a comprehensive design survey, which helps ensure a productive and efficient initial meeting. Don’t worry if you don’t have all of the answers to hand; we’ll talk through each step when we meet.

Site Survey

We’ll send a Church Hill Landscapes designer out to your home to assess your site, take measurements, and talk through the initial design survey. This is when we start to talk about budget and estimated project costs, so we ask that all decision-makers be present. An initial consultation meeting usually takes about an hour.

Preliminary Concept

After we’ve evaluated your site, we’ll draw up a preliminary design plan and contract. Depending on the size and scope of your project, your design plan might be as simple as a chart detailing a list of site-appropriate plantings, or it might include a full master plan with architectural renderings, 3D elevations, or perspective drawings. We’ll walk you through the proposed concept on-site, and will make any necessary changes based on your feedback.

Working Design

Once you’ve signed off on a design plan, we’ll create a final landscape rendering in digital and hard copy. This rendering is the basis of your project estimate—so you want to be certain it includes everything you’re hoping to achieve. We can also work with you on a phased execution plan, treating the final design as a master plan that you can do all at once, or in stages as time and budget allows.

What to Expect

You can rely on Church Hill Landscapes to collaborate, communicate, and keep you apprised of any changes that might come up during your project. We want to work in partnership with you, and to finish the job to your total satisfaction.


Our contracts are clear, highly detailed, and use project-based pricing. We include a menu of costs for a no-surprises job. Having all of the steps there in writing helps keep you informed about the process, and keeps us on track for timely completion.


Once your contract is signed, you’ll be added to our schedule. All Church Hill Landscapes projects are assigned a project manager who will keep you informed about scheduling, anticipated deliveries, and any necessary changes to the timeline or scope. Each client receives personalized attention, but please be aware that a host of factors can influence a project’s start or completion date.


A project supervisor manages each Church Hill Landscapes job. We’ll communicate with you frequently as we build out the job to be sure you’re happy. We want you to tell us how we’re doing, and for this to be a collaborative process from start to finish.

Clean Up

While the installation process can be disruptive to your existing landscaping, we’re careful to keep a safe and tidy workspace. Once the project is completed to satisfaction and you’ve paid the final bill, we’ll leave your landscape raked, swept, and ready for you to enjoy. We’ll also leave behind information to help you care for your new backyard space.